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Hidden Stars

Hidden Stars

Hey there, I'm Cat & hopefully my tumblr will entertain you. I'm probably going to read through this at a sensible time of day and kill it. My tumblr basically consists of my favourite things e.g. pianos, banjos, disney, books, nature, pokemon, the odd joint, Harry Potter, game of thrones, the mortal instruments, colourful hair- I love bright ginger/red hair most, the hunger games.... I could go on but I've already said too much about myself so I'll finish with this, I appreciate everything I have in my life. I don't think I will ever be depressed again. So yeah, you probably won't see much depressing stuff on here but we all have bad days eh? If anyone ever wants or needs to talk my ears are always open<3


all of my plans for the future start out with “when i get rich”

(via steph-caught-in-a-storm)

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